NPRM – Proposed change of regulations for air ambulance operators

In July 2013, The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) published a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) for the regulations of aeroplane and helicopter ‘air ambulance function’ flights.

The NPRM outlines policy changes that propose to bring medical transport (MT) operations under the Air Transport (AT) regulatory framework (CASR Part 119), which is more stringent than the current ‘aerial work’ classification for these operations.

The NPRM states that CASA’s preferred option is to reclassify “the current prescribed aerial work purpose ‘ambulance functions’ as an AT operation. Whilst MT flights will be classified as such, the AT standards would be supplemented with specific MT-type operational requirements, delivered through either:

  • a legislative instrument
  • an MT-specific subpart included under Part 119 of CASR, or the applicable operational CASR Part (i.e. 121, 133 or 135), or
  • appropriate relief provisions in the general operational rule set.

The certification and safety system requirements currently prescribed in Part 119 of CASR appear to be a good fit with the organisational model for medical transport operations. Furthermore, these provisions are based on compliance with the Chicago Convention, affording the highest levels of international standardisation and recognition.”

The NPRM period of public consultation ended on 27 September 2013, and it is expected that the new regulations will be implemented in 2015.

The NPRM can be downloaded here. Corcoran Aviation Safety Services will continue to monitor CASA’s decision making and regulatory change, and is happy to answer your queries and discuss your training requirements under the new regulatory framework.

As an experienced training and proficiency testing organisation for both Air Transport operators and existing aero-medical transport operators, CASS can provide training tailored to your operation that will enable you to comply with the new regulations.

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