Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training

The CASS Crew Resource Management (CRM) – Human Factors course aims to provide participants with knowledge and skills in recognising, dealing with and avoiding errors and violations that may lead to aircraft accidents and incidents.

It is designed train and test flight crew and cabin attendants who operate airline, corporate and business aircraft  in a regular public transport (RPT), charter operation and or general aviation (GA) environment, and can be tailored to meet your aircraft types and operational requirements.

CASS also provides specialised CRM training for air ambulance operations that focuses on the interaction between flight crew, medical personnel and patients.

Elements covered on this course include:

  •     Information acquisition processing and decision making concepts
  •     Crew Resource Management and Human Factors
  •     Situation awareness and workload management
  •     Leadership and team behaviour
  •     Human error and reliability, error chain, error prevention and detection
  •     Stress, stress management, fatigue and fatigue management
  •     Cultural factors
  •     Barriers to good decision making and effective communication
  •     The ‘Reason Model’ of accident causation.


We provide:

Corcoran Aviation Safety Services will provide a fully qualified trainer, course materials and training aids including handout material.

You provide:

You will need to provide appropriate classroom space in which theoretical and practical learning can be delivered.


  •     CASS Certificate of Attainment on successful completion of the course.
  •     Complies with Civil Aviation Advisory Circular 121A-09(0), European JAR OPS, USA FAA and UK CAA recommendations
  •     Complies with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recommendations.

“Going onto the aircraft was excellent. John was extremely passionate and interesting to listen to. There was the right mix of theory and aviation examples.” — S.E.