Ditching Procedures Training with full Wet Drill

Ditching procedures wet drill
The CASS 4 hour Wet Drill and Ditching Procedures course is CASA approved when taken as part of the Crew Member Emergency Procedures Proficiency Training. It can be taken as a separate course.

The course is designed for flight crew and cabin attendants who operate airline, corporate or business aircraft on regular public transport (RPT) and or charter operations with overwater flights.

It includes full training of equipment deployment and use in the water, role-playing and simulation in a purpose-built ditching pool.

Elements covered in this course include:

  • Ditching procedures in the water
  • Fitting and inflation of life jackets in the water
  • Location and use of equipment stowed as part of the life jacket
  • Launching and inflation of life rafts in the water
  • Life raft boarding procedures
  • Life raft Immediate Action Checklist procedures
  • Use of signalling equipment, including the use of Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs)
  • Realistic basic survival training in the life raft and in the water.

We provide:

This training takes place in a purpose-built ditching pool in Melbourne or Sydney.

Corcoran Aviation Safety Services will provide a fully qualified trainer, course materials and training aids (e.g. handout material, life jackets, life rafts, ELTs etc.).


  • CASS Certificate of Attainment on successful completion (if taken as a separate course).
  • CASS Certificate for each participant on successful completion of course (if taken as part of a Crew Member Emergency Procedures Proficiency Training)
  • Option for CASA Approved Certificate¬† for the AOC holder under CAR 217.

“As my role as Cabin Crew Base Manager for Air Leasing comes to an end tomorrow, I wanted to say a special thank you for giving me an unforgettable experience to have again worked closely with you over these past years. As always John, you are a true professional, dedicated and so knowledgeable. Your training methods and standards are consistently to the highest of levels and you have always been extremely organised and committed. I do know that together with our Air Leasing Cabin Crew, we have the utmost of respect for you. You are the best there is!!!”