Aero-medical crew member proficiency training and testing

Air Ambulance training

CASS specialises in training and services for aero-medical operations, including air ambulance, patient transport and RFDS services.

In July 2013, CASA issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making that outlined forthcoming policy changes that will bring Medical Transport (MT) operations under the Air Transport (AT) regulatory framework (CASR Part 119), which is more stringent than the current ‘aerial work’ classification for these operators.

CASS is approved to deliver training and testing that is fully compliant with Air Transport regulations, and specialises in providing air ambulance crew member courses in:

It is expected that the reclassification of MT operations as Air Transport will take place from 2015.

CASS has extensive knowledge and experience in training and testing for both MT operators and AT AOC holders under CASR Part 119, and can provide consulting and advice on the proposed changes as well as comprehensive and fully compliant training packages.

“Highly informative, relevant information to my role as FA. Thank you John. Your knowledge is vast as a pilot and an Av-Med trainer.” — C.L.